How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 2


How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 2

Until this day I have gathered hundreds of recommendations from my connections. I also made my profile searchable by using a simple technique. I am a Marketing Consultant, so I searched for all the “Marketing Consultants” within the social search. I investigated the top 5 profiles, and found out that they used the word “Marketing Consultant” at least 6 times. I made sure my profile had 7 times that. Here you go, now I have made myself searchable and trustable. The last tactic I am going to go over is the offer.

The Offer

The offer is the most important tactic because if the business does not have a high-end offer then it will fail miserably. I ask my clients three things: (1) what are their passions, (2) what are they good at, and (3) what do they want to learn. The best combination would be to have a passion for what you want to do and be good at it at the same time. Otherwise, we will have to get creative. When I get this list from my clients, we go through it and create a package that is workable for them. Then, we start working on a pricing strategy and a sales funnel strategy to market their offer using social media. The pricing strategy and the packaging help us determine what our “lead magnet” or initial giveaway would be.

We all hate this next phase, but the “testing phase” is next and we have to make sure our offer is receptive. If we are not getting enough conversions through the given social media methods then we may have to repackage the offer to present it in a way that is more attractive to the consumer. The best way to test this is through the “net promoter score.”

The Net Promoter Score

The net promoter score is determined by the sentiment of your consumer base. The score is based on an average of all your consumers. The scale is from 1 to 10. What is the likelihood of your consumers spreading negative reviews about your business? How many indifferent consumers do you have? How many would just rave positive things about your business? The average of all three of these is your net promoter score. This will also help you determine if your offer is an effective one or not. If it is not effective, then change up the landing page or the web page to test different headlines and offers. For this, you can use a service called or a WordPress plugin called to create fast and attractive landing pages.

In my seven years experience in the marketing realm, I have learned two things: (1) Marketing will never cease to exist because we need it whether the economy is up or down. (2) Social Media marketing is getting tougher and more competitive with every Tweet, Facebook “like” and LinkedIn recommendation. If you are not with it now, then why not? Hop to it! New leads and sales are just waiting for you!

My advice for the future of high-end sales through social media is to get more integrated. As innovation is changing rapidly, we see more wearable devices coming out. If the business website is not configured for these devices then they might end up losing a large portion of their consumer base. In order for marketers to be more “disruptive,” they have to be constantly thinking about new innovative ideas in the marketplace to reach customers!

The Best Part High-End Sales

High-end sales, through social media, doesn’t get much easier than using these strategies to market your brand and business. If you would like to take social media to a whole new level, then start using “growth hacking techniques.” For example, on your website, have a place where you encourage your buyers to tweet the offer if they want to get it for FREE. This incentive will help your brand receive the exposure it needs to attract influencers and help you build a promoter base as well. Brands need marketing armies to help support why they do what they do. Enlist your customers, fans and prospects to help you!

When you build a brand through social media, it should help you transform your business into a “media company.” This will help a business serve their audience through three vehicles: (1) podcasts, (2) Youtube (online video), and (3) blogging. We have discovered that these platforms already have a significantly large subscriber base. In addition, the noise levels are minimal compared to other platforms. What does this mean for your business? Less money spent on marketing and higher revenues and high-end sales for your business! It sounds like a win-win!

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