Founders Inner Circle

imagine this

For months you’ve been “hustling” and “grinding” — 15- to 18-hour days, seven days a week. You’re on the verge of burnout. You can’t remember the last time you saw your friends and family. Despite your herculean efforts, you face the grim realization that your promising startup is about to fail.

You’re not alone.
We’ve been there.

We’ve advised over 200 early-stage startups that sometimes have 60 days to survive. In the process, we’ve noticed that the most successful founders proactively stay on top of their evolving industry.

But how can you find the time to discover what’s working?


You could hire a professional marketer, paying them at least $100 an hour. But why give them the most fun part of your business?


You could hire a consultant, paying them at least $1,000 a day. But are they invested in your success? Do they even
have the headspace to handle the intricacies of your business?


You could try a book or podcast, but do you have the time to pick the right book, best episode, and find the perfect
nugget? The startup world moves so fast that the information will soon be outdated. And the podcast isn’t tailored
to your situation.

If you’re highly-serious about growth, it’s time to put some “skin in the game.”

In this exclusive group of founders, we’ll drip-feed you the best marketing strategies that you can immediately execute. No more overthinking. No more doubts. Just certainty about your path forward. Plus you’ll network with other founders who “get you” and want to win.

But why bother? Isn’t it just easier to hire a pro?


We get it, you’re busy. But here’s the thing: no one will be a better, more passionate, charismatic leader and strategist than you. No one knows your company intimately like you. The most celebrated artists throughout history didn’t delegate the creation of their masterpieces; they refined their creation


Don’t disconnect yourself from any part of your growth in the vital early stages.

No one should be sold on your product more than you. If you’re not sold, we need to talk.

If you are sold on your product, good. If you’re obsessed about growing it, great. The Founders Inner Circle will make you unstoppable.

What we know is relevant, current, and tested in the field with real businesses to grow your business.
But this isn’t for everyone, and you may not qualify. But if you’re selected, you’ll elevate your knowledge and tribe to another level.


Let’s get to work!