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Meet Sweta Patel

Founder of Startup Growth Mode

She’s advised over 200 early-stage startups and high growth companies. Thousands of entrepreneurs have read her featured articles on Forbes, CNBC, and Entrepreneur.
They learned how to hire A-Players, serve more dream clients, impact their bottom line, and most importantly, live a better life
Sweta attended University of Calfornia San Diego where she majored in Math, Economics, and Management Science. This propelled her career in the startup world by connecting her with many MBA professionals.

More About Sweta

Sweta is a self-taught entrepreneur with a lust for learning and serving. She’s built 2 companies ($1 million total sales) — 1 failed, 1 pivoted, 2 and partnerships. She advises some of the fastest growing companies on the planet, and has saved nearly 150 that were struggling. She shares her practical experiences at speaking events around the world. Oh, and she loves intense sports. At 21, Sweta founded her first marketing agency in San Diego, managing campaigns for national brands like Islands Burgers and Hershey’s, while doing charitable work with young domestic violence victims. Things were rosy for a while, but the agency grew too quickly to 11 people. Without the systems to support the scale, Sweta’s startup started to falter.

She closed the agency, moved to Silicon Valley and became a trusted marketing confidant for overwhelmed CEOs. Today, Sweta has advised over 200 early-stage startups and high-growth companies, saving nearly 150 from imminent collapse, and increased their average recurring monthly revenue by 20%. She’s generated more leads in a single week than a company generated for an entire year. She’s seen how real businesses fail or thrive. The lesson? Sweta applies what she’s learned to stuff that matters — making your startup succeed.

Sweta’s mistakes, do you relate?

Hiring too quickly for jobs that didn’t need filling.

Delegating too quickly without understanding what was needed for success.

Trusting too quickly without proper diligence

Getting upset with her business failure rather than using the experience to fuel a greater opportunity.

Sweta’s beliefs,
do you connect?

  • Mission over money.
  • Entrepreneurship is about making others feel better.
  • Focus on the goals, you’ll get what you work and pay for.
  • Your tribe makes you unstoppable.
  • Criticism is a learning opportunity to make you, your product, and your brand better.
  • Hardships ignite your best qualities.
  • Impact over followers.