Here’s an uncomfortable truth

You need attention

If no one knows you, there’s zero chance of survival.


The key reason why a business goes out of business is this: a lack of cash. What’s the cause?

  • Not enough attention.
  • Not enough sales.
  • No attention
  • No sales
  • No cash
  • No business.

Simple, really.

Well, not quite. The goal is simple.

But executing that goal is more challenging.

I Want It I Get It by Sweta Patel.fw

I Want It I Get It

The Immutable Laws Of Lasting Attention And Demand Generation

You’ll get the playbook for building an attention machine.

This playbook has saved nearly 150 startups from imminent collapse, increasing their average recurring monthly revenue by 20%. In these pages, you’ll get the tools to transform your business or career.

You will learn

  • The core concepts of demand generation and how they apply to growing your business
  • How real people make difficult choices to utilize precious resources to receive the biggest bang for their buck
  • The strategies, tactics, systems, processes, and tools to build awareness, interest, and engagement with your products and services
  • How to find the steady lifeblood of leads which are fueled by a bulletproof automated marketing system
  • The compenents of a compelling (and relevant) content strategy that reaches your prospects through better story telling and strategic placements
  • How to hire your 2-5 person dream team of A-Players on a limited budget (including job descriptions) who will accomplish your mission.