How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 1


How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 1

In most cases I experienced our clientele using social media to just increase their ‘exposure’ through updates of various articles, quotes, facts and multi-media pieces.”

Failure after failure has taught us what it really takes to win business through social media marketing.

How To Make High-End Sales Through Social Media Part 1
Be Searchable

First, make sure the content is searchable and findable. The content strategy is the fuel for the business online marketing campaign. If the content is not easy to discover then the consumer may go elsewhere to find their fix. This is when a business starts to lose their customers online. Many of my clients spend thousands upon thousands of dollars building a manageable website only to find out they have another aspect to it called: online marketing. This word usually scares most businesses because they do not know how to go about it. It is almost as if you have this great home built and no one knows where to find you.

Best Practice: Acquire bloggers to post on your blog so the business is able to maximize its reach. The items to look for when searching for blog posts are: Twitter engagement, LinkedIn engagement, Facebook engagement, Klout Score, traffic to their blog (use, email and website. Once you have made a note of these items, then use or and look up influencers who would be interested in blogging for you. It may be tough to get them to blog without paying them, but this is your chance to use your “storytelling” skills.

This is the year for what marketers call “disruptive storytelling.” It means you have to really get fierce in order to get your message out there in the land of noise overkill. Consumers are literally sending 500 million tweets per day. So, exactly how does a start-up or small business get exposure from thousands of people with this kind of noise?

Value-Added Content

The second step and answer to the above question is through “value-added” content. Businesses must put on their creative cap in order to reap results in the blogging world. For example, we created a persona for a national fashion brand which would represent someone their target audience could resonate with. We analyzed EVERYTHING from feelings, behavior, personality, goals, what they looked like, hobbies, interests and more. Think of this as an actual person who is promoting a product, service or even increasing the funding for a business. Back to the example, the fashion brand was trying to increase awareness for their fundraising event. They needed to raise $20,000 by the end of the month. We created a persona who we named “Toby Perez.” and He was a trendy fashion model who loved supporting other businesses. Toby wanted to raise money for the fashion company and he knew there was only one way to do it. He created a blog on WordPress, and then he signed up his cause on This created a link for his cause, which he would blog about non-industry related items because that is what their target audience was interested in. He would blog about the latest “skinny recipes” for women in their 30’s, fitness workouts for women in their 40’s, and lifestyles of the ‘Curvy & Gracious.’ He used Twitter as his main micro-blogging service as well as Pinterest. Toby got the audience to “Pin It To Spread It” by posting pictures of his latest recipes and fitness tips. In addition, he encouraged others to upload their favorite tips and pin them to the board. Toby started his mission by contacting influencers on Twitter through He created a strategic tweet and then followed-up with a direct message This campaign resulted in a ROI increase of 84%, total funds over $24,000 and a reach of 50,000 consumers on all their social networks. Toby had a Klout Score of 72 after leveraging from different influencers in the Internet space. Through his promotion and strategy he built a rapport with his target audience.

Trust Factor

Third, create trust and credibility in the space. There is no better network to utilize for this than LinkedIn. I have built a 6-figure business alone through networking on LinkedIn in my pajamas because 65% percent of my leads come form LinkedIn. If my clients were satisfied with the marketing services I provided them, then I would encourage them to give me positive feedback on the LinkedIn Platform.

What do you think of these so far? Shall we add more?

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