Facebook Marketing To Increase Your Reach

Facebook Marketing To Increase Your Reach

Facebook changes almost every day and it is getting tougher to keep up with the latest changes. Here is what is needed in order to avoid the frustration with marketing on Facebook and increasing your reach both at the same time! Marketers on Facebook don’t realize how important it is to plan the campaign prior to implementing it. From experience, our team has gathered up ways to create new innovative tactics in order to increase your reach on Facebook:

First is the planning phase and here is where you need to quantify your objectives on Facebook. Take a look at the click-through-rate within your Facebook insights and determine a desired goal from that. We want to set goals for: prospect to lead, lead to conversion rate, and conversion rate to the amount of repeat customers. There is another thing you need to determine, which is your buyer’s persona and understanding your key audience. Who are the biggest buyers for what you do and what are their emotional triggers? Just don’t forget that Facebook is not different from everything else that you do. Make sure your business creates one unified campaign and all your platforms work together.

Now lets get into increasing the Facebook reach and how it is done. Remember the lifetime of a Facebook post lasts for 3.2 hours. This means you want to be posting a couple of times a day so you are able to make sure your audience views your message.

Take a look at our past blog posts. What do they all have in common? They are all filled with quality content. This is the type of content people can learn from and apply to their own campaigns. Remember, people want relevant useful content and if you are not feeding it to them then they will shy away.

When marketing on Facebook, it is important that you pay attention to detail. Why? In terms of the click-through rate you want to verify the times where you are receiving the most engagement on your posts. When you check your click-through rate, this factor is easy to determine. From our experience the types of content that receives the most engagement is content that uses large pictures.

Large pictures are not only trending on social networks but they are also trending within your website as well. Don’t get us wrong, people still love reading texts but pictures make it easier to grab their attention. When your business provides key examples and stories, the audience is easily moved and will see you as a trusted authority in the social space. People always tend to think about themselves, but the key thing about increasing your reach is listening to your audience and what their wants are. It is not always about you.

Our last tip is to keep organized by having a content calendar. We recommend using an Excel spread sheet that allows you to show a timeline of what the central theme is for the month, the images that will be used, and the updates themselves.

Just by using these tips we received 500-700 new visitors a day to our landing page. Did we miss anything? Share with us by commenting below!

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