Content Marketing Ideas That You Don’t Know About Part 2

Content Marketing Ideas That You Don’t Know About  Part 2


Content marketing is becoming more popular because there are so many ways to promote content. Here are some ways to engage with your audience and spread the word about your business.


Content Curation:  Collect content from the web and organize it in a manner that your readers can understand. This can be a list of tools, quotes, facts, trends, ideas with other posts, or many other links to resources. Our favorite website to collect content is that gives you all the top headlines from popular topics around the web.


Memes:  A meme is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” You might wonder how someone can get so much traffic by using pictures, but memes are popular and a great way to boost your current following. Adding a comical factor to your meme will get their attention. Here are our resources: QuickMeme and MemeGenerator.


SlideShare Presentations: Most people are visual learners and they enjoy seeing them. You can increase the links and shares to your website by creating how-to presentations that are related to your industry.


Internal Linking: Use the “Yet Another Related Post Plugin“ (YARPP) or link your blog post to other related articles on your website to build authority for your website especially when it comes to the search engines.


Competitors: Our favorite tools are Google Trends and Google Alerts to determine what our competitors are trying to get a rankings for or using in their marketing campaigns. Check out their social networks to see which network they are engaging in the most.


Charts and Graphs: Most people like to compare items before they make their purchases. When you create charts and graphs, you can show them a comparison between two variables that are in competition with one another. This is a great way to point out the benefits to your target audience. Use colors to increase engagement and get their attention. You can use tools such as Excel, Create a Graph, Rich Chart Live, DIY Chart, and Chartle.


Follow up Posts:  This is great way to maintain the attention of your subscribers. Send them a followup post to advise them when they can look forward to your next blog post.


Pop Quizzes:  Make sure each quiz has a badge your readers can embed on their website and also questions that are related to your industry.


Games:  Video games can be addictive and people love winning and earning rewards. This is a great way to increase the referral links to your website. Social sharing and gaming go together well and can increase search rankings.


Egobait:  This is a means of stirring up emotions of a certain group of people or audience. For example, once we created a blog post just related to fashionistas and tied it to a specific marketing industry. It was a great way to create hype. Controversial issues are also another way to stir up emotions, so use egobait to your advantage.


Drawings:  Art allows you to tell a story or deliver a message more effectively than by just using text. Be creative and use visual drawings to open up innovative ways to express and share what you have to offer.


Did I miss anything? Please comment below! 

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