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Let me tell you a story of a golf pro who worked in the dumpiest driving range in human history. Here’s what it’s like teaching there..  As you pull up, there’s garbage cans overflowing everywhere with who knows what in the cans. Grass tees are overgrown with weeds and the chipping area is nothing but rocks with a flag in the middle. There’s debris from all types of fast food wrappers and beer cans as far as the eye can see. In fact, if you look out at the end of the range, there’s an old Caddy rusting out there with the body of Jimmy Hoffa in the trunk (not confirmed). Walk inside and the pungent smell of cigarette smoke penetrates your nostrils and takes a direct path to your lungs. And yet…this pro can still charge premium prices and fill his calendar. That golf pro is yours truly. What transformed my business is a little bit of research and testing with videos I already had.  During the course of some Google searches for video equipment, I noticed that occasionally thumbnails of videos would take the place of websites.  You could see exactly how this was done with the titles, descriptions, website address and tags (which you can’t see anymore). So I figured, let’s experiment!  I began asking my students if I could use their videos as marketing pieces.  Just made sure that I used their best swings and began producing six or seven videos per week optimizing each one.  Within about two days, one of my videos made it to the first page of Google.  By the end of the month, I had four videos on the first page, two of which were above the fold. How did this pan out?  In one week we sold 36 sets of golf lessons amounting to over $6,000 in sales.  Check out how this works in the video below. YouTube Your Way To Page One Google Results:

YouTube Your Way To Page One Google Results      

By Sean Mysel


Sean Mysel is a video marketing consultant based in San Diego serving golf pros.  He is a Columbia University grad who teaches students how to find jobs and consults with US Golf School Guides.

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