How To Turn Pinterest Followers Into Paying Customers

How To Turn Pinterest Followers Into Paying Customers
Pinterest Followers Into Paying Customers

Let’s face it, most small business owners don’t know how to market on Pinterest and they are struggling to keep up with Facebook and Twitter. We were able to use Pinterest for a few of our clients and test out strategies that actually worked. The results were outstanding and we want to share our findings with every small business owner that has ever underestimated the power of Pinterest.

For one of our clients, we had a showcasing strategy in which we had women in their mid-twenties upload a picture of themselves showcasing the clothing line we were selling. Then we would have people vote on their favorite picture by repining it to their board. The picture that received the most pins would win. This was a great way of spreading the word about the new clothing line and making sales without wasting a ton of money in traditional media. We had spent countless hours on market research to find the right target audience. After the research phase we found out that most of our audience was on Pinterest. Then we came up with a tactic to target the young women on Pinterest and involve them at the same time. This clothing line increased their ROI by a staggering 82% and spread the word about their clothing line at the same time!

For another one of our clients, we integrated a cause marketing tactic in our campaign. This was for a make-up company who was struggling to sell their new lipstick that had just come out. We decided to carry on this project with our cause marketing idea where they “Pinned It To Spread It.” This was an idea that would allow us to get donations for breast cancer month, as well as sell the new lipstick that came out. We got names and emails from all the ladies that attended the trade show the week before. Then we sent them an email blast in regards to our Pinterest campaign. For all the ladies that responded back or opened the email, we started to follow them on Pinterest. They became aware of our campaign and repinned the post for a chance to win a whole make-up collection which included the new lipstick. Just from this event we were able to get over 10,000 repins on the pin and we won the best “Social Media Marketing Cause Marketing Campaign” at our trade show. The campaign was well worth it!

From these two campaigns, we realized that our pins received more “Likes” when we included the price tag and a loud call-to-action. People want to know the cost and how they can purchase right away. We also found that faces on Pinterest received fewer likes and tutorials/guidelines were a major hit! In addition, participating in the trending topics increased our CTR by nearly 50%. The best times to post were between 8AM and 4PM EST.

Don’t forget to “Like”, comment, repin and thank other people for their posts. This is imperative in order to generate new customers for your business.

I hope these tips helped. Comment below!

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