SlideShare: The Secret Gem Of 2013

Many people don’t know the secrets of, and why it is such a powerful network. For starters, it has the potential to drive traffic to your website, rank better on Google, grow your followers, get your business more email subscribers, help you increase brand awareness and add value to your expertise. We always hear our clients saying they have great presentations, but no one is viewing them. This is why it is vital for you to create a presentation that shares something outrageous, value-added information, or caters to your audience’s emotion.


When you have decided on the topic of your presentation then create a heading that will get your audience to click on the presentation. After that, make sure your presentation is consistent and the slides tell a story. This will motivate your audience to keep turning slides. If you use attention-grabbing colors, then you will keep your audience more interested than if you used black/white with text. Also use (for FREE, high-quality, designer-friendly fonts, which are also easy to download), and high-quality images from, or, to make your presentations really stand out from the rest!


How To Get More Traffic Using SlideShare

You can share your presentation in many different places. For example, you can share it on Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In. The cool thing about sharing it on these networks is that if it receives enough shares then you will be able to show up on Hot On Linked-In, Hot On Facebook, and Hot On Twitter within the SlideShare interface. In addition, you can share it on your blog and on Pinterest to increase the followers on your SlideShare account.


When you have already shared your presentation on your various networks, make sure it includes a URL in it, because SlideShare doesn’t allow you to add a URL in the description. Remember, with your URL you have to add a call-to-action so people know what steps to take next. The other way to go about it is to add a shortened URL through on your slide. This way you can track your clicks as well. However, keep in mind that shortened URLs are not always trustworthy. We have seen them go to spammy websites many times.


SlideShare & Google Rankings

If you want to increase your rankings for your presentation, then make sure you use long tail keywords in the title and in the description. When you get more views and subscribers to your presentation, you will also increase your ranking for it in Google. We recommend you add your presentation to any guest blog posts you write. This way you have a better chance of increasing your subscribers from other audiences.


SlideShare And Increasing Email Subscribers

In your presentation, add a link to where they can subscribe to your email newsletter. We have seen that white paper downloads is the best way to capture emails through SlideShare. Otherwise, it is important to give an irresistible offer to collect the email address.


SlideShare and Branding

When you tell a story throughout your presentation you are building your brand awareness. Let people know what colors associate with your brand so when they see your colors they’ll think of your company. Besides the colors, don’t forget to have a catchy name that is associated with your brand. The minute you start winning the heart of your fans is when you will start to create brand awareness. Next is the personality and what you want your brand to be recognized as. In this case, try not to be VANILLA.


Now that we went over the major concepts, when it comes to using SlideShare, it is your turn to use it and make the best of it for your business.


Below are a couple of presentations we enjoyed on SlideShare and they also serve as great examples of what you would want to create as well.








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