SEO: 3 Common Mistakes


SEO: 3 Common Mistakes

SEO is getting ever so popular these days. Post a job on the internet and you’ll get hundreds if not thousands of responses claiming to be so called SEO professionals. Now, the reason I brought this topic up is “knowledge of domain.” Not many people have and yet claim to do so, over the Internet. So, here are three of the most common SEO mistakes I have  seen online.

SEO: 3 Common Mistakes

SEO on Steroids

A funny term you may say, yes – I am referring to “over-doing SEO.” It will not help a single bit and might even end up as a negative impact on your business. SEO experts will offer you literally thousands of link building / backlinks done in a week or a month … really?! Instead, the point that I was referring to – “knowledge of the domain,” is that everything should look and be done normally or natural SEO as they call it. Creating thousands of backlinks is not a natural approach, instead you should create such content that people link to you automatically. SEO should be done cleverly, and not based on any sort of a formula.


If you are a photographer or a designer perhaps, you would love to have a really awesome looking website. And that’s just about it. You won’t be found easily via search engines and only the people that know you personally or by social media will be able to reach out to you. I have seen an increase in flash based websites – all in templates and people just don’t get it. They should always take an expert opinion – which is, search engines do not like flash content. Instead, there is HTML 5, which is spectacular and I predict it will take over the Web, soon.

SEO On Page

A majority of the so-called SEO Experts will offer lucrative off-page marketing packages. I am not saying off-page marketing or the inbound links to your website hold no importance, but what about the SEO on-page? This is the activity that requires the most time, depth, knowledge and research. And to be specific about it. The mistake that I want to highlight is the same on-page for all pages of the website. This is a mal-practice, though you can get away with it, but will not see optimum results with these marketing practices.

As an online marketer, writer and entrepreneur, I offer my expert opinion and services, all you need to do is either leave a comment below or contact me via email or phone. Mind you, I have a habit of turning people into clients because I am ever so friendly and my services speak for themselves!

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