Predicting SEO Marketing Trends 2013

SEO Marketing Trends:

I admit I am not the most accurate in predicting events and trends, but I do get fairly close with my analysis from time to time. We know Search Engine Optimization is crucial for every website, but guess what? Its value has increased a lot over the past couple of years, mainly due to the malpractices and Google pushing out algorithm changes that has had a tremendous effect on how websites were marketing. I'm not going to be talking about the importance of SEO, however I am  going to elaborate on the trends I think are developing and will stick around this year.

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Image Marketing & Social Media:

We all love memes and they are everywhere. Let me tell you a short story on how a grumpy cat got famous – it started with a meme on Reddit. A meme is basically an image (i.e., information, video, etc.) usually with some cool lines written on it, and Reddit is a social bookmarking website. So, there you have it. The perfect combination of the two!'s (an image host website) traffic increased just because of the amount of memes (amongst other images) people post on it and with social integration implemented. So, you will be asking how exactly can I make good use of this trend? Well, design some interesting images for starters and insert them into your content with relevant and attractive titles – more focused on the image. Share that post on social networks, and that post will in turn do wonders for you. This is the trend these days. People are using images to market their content and websites and it's working!

Talk To The Point:

The other thing I wanted to stress is not everybody these days is into reading long essays in the form of blog posts. So, keep your content short and precise. When I visit a link from a search result in Google or any other search engine, I expect the information I am looking for to be well presented. I don't like reading through pages of content only to find what I'm looking for way down at the bottom of the article or post. This disrespects the reader's time, and what's more, it increases the bounce rate and demotes readership. So, all in all, keep your content short and to the point. Make good use of images, and use the power of social media to your advantage. You might just get as famous as the grumpy cat!

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