Link Baiting: Infographics


Link Baiting: Infographics-

In my previous post, I discussed link building with respect to blog commenting, spamming and “no follow” link types. I want to cover a really good tactic, which I have been using on a couple of blogs and on a few of my business websites. It’s the use of info graphics for link baits. Confused? Well, don’t be.

The idea is very simple, but worth many links. How, might you ask? As we all know, we have to do some link building at a point or even hire some professionals to save us the time, as it is very tedious. What if people automatically linked to your website or blog? Yes, that is free link building without spending money or hiring someone; just a level of effort involved. The more time your put in, the better results you can expect. (If you cannot do some Photoshop, then you may need some designer services.)

The internet is full of information and we get that information via visiting links, people build links, and link to good stuff online that is worth linking to. So, all you have to do is spend some time in data mining and some research work on facts and stats or related. Once you have collected the data and arranged it in the form of information, the next step is to design it (i.e., make an image out of it). You can find many ideas for info graphics  via a simple Google search. For example, there are social media stats, mobile stats, blogging stats, etc. Use your creativity, it’s all about how you present the data. (I will share an info graphic at the end of this post.)

Once you have the info graphic prepared, upload it to your blog and publish a post about it. Sometimes it is safe to mention “no hot linking” to save on bandwidth (i.e., not allowing others to link to your infographic on your site from their site). Then,  just do some social bookmarking, and sharing and wait. Yes, patience has its rewards. Your info graphic must have: a proper title, name, alt tags, caption and some content to support it. It will get ranked in Google images, people that are willing to write about it will link to your blog post. You will get inbound links and a lot of traffic. I did mention images are the new content. They are the trend these days. Remember that grumpy cat (image) and Reddit (social media)? You may be interested in: How to rank social media in search results?

Ever wonder about the story behind the Facebook like button? Well, here is an info graphic that explains just that:

Link Baiting: Info Graphics



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