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When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, you have a greater chance of getting ranked for your YouTube video now than ever before. All it takes is 30 seconds to engage your target audience, but the question is, what story are you going to use to get your audience to view your video?How To Look Like A Rockstar On YouTube?  Some important tactics to keep in mind when creating an engaging video are differentiation, entertainment, keywords and uniqueness.

Now that you have your story in mind, what are the YouTube ranking factors? There are many, but we want you to think about a title and a description that has your keywords in it. The video must be relevant to the keywords you use within your title and description. Our secret formula at the CHE Agency is to use the title in the description at least twice. Other things to keep in mind are tags and playlists. Try to be as specific as you can when tagging your video because when it goes live, the views, likes, dislikes and ratings will matter. Playlists are a huge ranking factor that many businesses and users disregard. Our suggestion at CHE is to add as many relevant videos as you can to your playlist.

The point is, the level of engagement for your video on YouTube is critical to it being seen. The amount of shares, comments, subscribers, video responses and favorites are all apart of the YouTube ranking algorithm. Additional algorithm factors include the age of the video and inbound links to the video.

Now that you are aware of all the key engagement factors, let’s discuss the YouTube and SEO tips that will boost your rankings just like it did for our clients here at the CHE Agency.

Tip 1: Increase the amount of “Likes” and Favorites on your video. You can implement this tactic by utilizing your social networks and encouraging fans to “Like” your videos. If you have a blog community built up, you should add “Like” and Favorite buttons at the end of every blog post to get viewers to increase traffic to your video. Another part of earning more likes is adding “Closed Captions and Subtitles” to your videos. This will help people from other foreign countries understand what you are all about.

Tip 2: We mentioned one of the biggest factors for YouTube is consistency. If you decide to jump on the video bandwagon then make sure you stay on top of it. We recommend you upload at least one to three videos weekly to keep your audience engaged. If you leave for a month or two, you might lose the attention of your YouTube community that you spent so long building up. Make sure you plan ahead and schedule your video uploads accordingly.

Tip 3: It is all about the content! Content is the secret to looking like a rockstar on YouTube. When you have content from all different genres and topics, you will increase your viewership. This will help you get more subscribers to your channel. We like to use the video spin-off tactic, where we look up the most popular videos on YouTube in a certain niche, and then we create a similar video with titles and keywords so it will show up in the “related videos” page of the popular videos. You are basically piggybacking off of the video that has the authority and popularity. Make sure you make it similar in terms of titles and keywords and not copy them exactly.

Tip 4: The title and the description are more important than you think. When you create a title for the video, put your keywords in the front and your branding at the end. For description, make sure you have a URL at the beginning of it. This serves as the call-to-action for the video. Another one of our favorite tactics is to add comments on the most popular videos with a URL back to our channel page. For example, if it were a sports video such as soccer, our comment could be: “Do you like soccer? Take a look at this channel to learn tips and tricks on how to score an awesome goal!”

Tip 5: Keyword tags are important. Make sure you put your primary keywords at the beginning. The rest can be inserted at the end. When deciding between using common and specific keywords, we say use a few of each.  We also suggest you use at most 12 keyword tags per video to prevent spam. In addition, have your keyword tags be a part of your description.

Tip 6: Join the YouTube Partners Program. This will not only give you brownie points when it comes to ranking your video on YouTube, but it will also help you build a larger audience and viewership for your videos. Not to mention it’s free of cost and they will help you create compelling content.

Tip 7: YouTube loves interlinking. When trying to rank within YouTube, make sure your videos are using annotations. Within the annotations include links to other YouTube assets. This way they can see you are being relevant and you can also help other videos gain popularity as well.

Tip 8: Make sure you are apart of many different playlists. This will show YouTube that your content is being shared as well. You can also kindly request your video to be added to a playlist if it is relevant to another channel. All you have to do is send a kind email to the author of the channel and say something like this: “We love your channel, we thought this video could be added to your playlist since it complements what you talk about!”

Tip 9: You are one tip away from being rockstar status! Video responses will increase your viewership and traffic to your website. This is one of YouTube’s algorithms. If you are browsing on YouTube and see a popular video that complements your video, we recommend that you respond with another video from your channel. All you have to do is click on “Comment” then at the bottom right it says “Create a video response” and you’re set to go. Below is an example.

Tip 10: Lastly, when your community starts commenting on your videos, make sure you are replying to them early on. This will boost your rankings because YouTube will see that you are on top of it. When you publish your video and the clock starts ticking, this means you have to start responding.

That is all we’ve got for your today, but did we miss anything?

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