How To Build Profit-Maximizing Lead Magnets That Lead to Real Growth


Why Isnt Your List Growing? 

Great lead magnets encourage customers to opt-in right away. In a perfect world, your lead magnets would bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified leads through your doors every day. This is certainly a possibility, especially in today’s digital world. As we all learned in Marketing 101, you just need to target your market effectively. So, how do you do that using lead magnets?

Lead magnets are a great starting point for growing your list and generating leads. But there is more to it than just putting together some piece of content. You need to create content that your buyers want to see—in a manner that they want to be a part of.

If your customers aren’t engaged with relevant content from you—no matter how much time you put into it—they’re going to find it elsewhere.

Providing free downloads or insightful add-ons to further integrate customers with your product will keep them coming back to you. Why? Because you are establishing yourself as the go-to professional for solving their needs.

One of Global Marketing Tactic’s clients, Gbox, is a prime case study of how building lead magnets with growth as the objective really are profit maximizing marketing tools.

Gbox’s customers, also known as creators (#gboxcreators), look to them for useful insights on building their video content business. It’s like having a personal advisor help you maximize your sales through each step of the process.


Upgrade Your ContentNow!

Of course, your content needs to be at its highest quality at all times. But, it’s key that you implement brilliant and relevant ways to get your customers more engaged with your brand. Lead magnets are an upgrade to your content. They should make your product more accessible to your customers, even when you’re not necessarily around. What can you give your customers now so that they become a part of your list?


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Gbox knows that their creators aren’t in the business of putting just any bit of video content together. They are in the business of selling their amazing content.


As a result, Gbox helps their creators keep a pulse on what works specific to their day-to-day objectives. How? One way is through free PDF formatted e-guides, regularly published by their team of content marketing experts. These guides upgrade Gbox’s content and provide their creators the information they need to be successful.



Proof! Need I Say More?


Finding ways to engage your customers can come in the form of a download customers can keep to reference when they’re at work—a coupon, or even free training are other ways.

Gbox recently hosted a free webinar for their customers that revealed expert marketing strategies and secrets guaranteed to help build their content empires. The webinar was a content upgrade to their video selling platform. Not only did they offer free training as a lead magnet, where attendees had to register to attend the webinar—Gbox also created an additional ‘Thank You’ landing page offering a free gift download.

Gbox and LeadPages

Visitors registered through a Gbox landing page and instantly grew their list.

By going an extra few steps and giving their customers value, Gbox was also able to build a quality list and experience excellent conversion rates—up to 100% daily conversions in just days. Wow!

Gbox and LeadPages

The Process 

Step 1: AMAZING Content

Examples of great copy 

The best lead magnets tend to follow amazing content. In order to craft amazing content every time you need to have a process that assures your content will reflect your brand time after time.

Brainstorm the purpose of content and always keep your customer in mind. Write your first draft and revise it so that the most relevant keywords are in place and that your message is clear. Adding images to your content can definitely make your story better, you decide. Don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO and promote it on social media.

Step 2: What is your ethical bribe?

ethical bribe

Before deciding on a type of lead magnet to implement, be sure to have your ideal customer in mind.

What does your customer want now?

What does your customer consider valuable?

What lead magnet format best delivers this to your customer?

How to build a list

Step 3: Create a resource

There are many resources and services available for creating lead magnets. Deciding which route to take depends on your budget and what exactly you would like to create. You can hire a designer and use high-end software, or you can use the processing tools you have on your computer today.

If you would like to create a blog post, you can do that straight from you computer. Gbox creates their e-guides in word-processing software and converts them to PDF format.




Step 4: How To Transform Your Content Into a PDF In Less Than 10 Minutes


Let’s say that you want to use a blog post you created and use its key information to create a lead magnet. The lead magnet will be a downloadable PDF that your customers can reference after they’ve left your blog and use it whenever they need to. This is a great way to create a high-converting lead magnet that will maximize your profits.


First, demonstrate your blog’s key points on a slide using your presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote). And don’t forget to brand your content! Now Save As a PDF.


Voila! You’re now a step closer to publishing your upgraded content and growing your list!


What to include in your email


Now that you have your blog post converted into a content upgrade, you’ll need to decide how your customers will access it. You can either send it to them via email, have it available as a download on your website or on LeadPages .

LeadPages Login

Every created LeadPage is automatically hosted by and you can start using it right away. You can use the LeadPage URL together with different publishing options.

Sending an email after someone registers for your event or downloads your free content will help skyrocket your list. You can assign your content upgrade to be given away when someone opts in on your landing page.

Once this is set up, when someone opts in on your page, they’ll get an email from LeadPages giving them the ‘ethical bribe’ that you’ve just selected as well as any other emails that you’ve set up with your email service.

email marketing

Here is another example of a Gbox LeadPage currently converting at over 33%.

Another lead magnet that is sure to become a favorite of yours because of its higher rates of conversion is the LeadBox.

email marketing

The great thing about LeadBoxes is that you can generate a form for your website and integrate it with your email service provider, like AWeber. This allows you to keep your lists up to date and organized by campaign or form. LeadPages generates a piece of code for you to plug into your website for wherever you would like your LeadBox to exist.


LeadBoxes allows you to customize your form so that it best represents your brand and your content upgrade.


leadpages and leadboxes

Just as with landing pages, LeadBoxes allow you to generate opt-in emails that integrate with your email service.

leadbox with leadpages

Once you’ve designed your best lead magnet, you will need to embed its code into your website. LeadPages gives you a hyperlink to your LeadBox, which you can use in the body of your blog, or any other text or image content that you’d like to hyperlink. This allows you to place your content upgrade in more places, create more call to actions, and grow your list straightaway!


Putting together a winning lead magnet is easy to do and the rewards are grand! You get to be closer to your customer, and learn more about them along the way. Stick to providing lead magnets that are useful and lasting to your customer. Customers will start to learn more from you, about your product, and come with you with questions and feedback.

This is the beginning of a lasting relationship with your awesome customers!

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