How Do I Get More Retweets?

Twitter is getting popular by the day. It seems like Facebook’s changing attitude is converting more people to Twitter. When you use Twitter you might want to know how to maximize the use of it so you can earn a return on the time spent using the tool. There are several different factors that come into play when getting an ROI on Twitter. Our clients always want to know how they can get more retweets. We found this to be a major factor when it comes to making your community stand out from the rest. So which factors matter? What makes you more retweetable? Why would you retweet others?

What makes you more retweetable?

In order to get more retweets, you have to have the persona. This means you have to create a unique personality that makes you different from the rest. We all know who the spammers are, and then there are the people that just can’t stop following. There are also the people who LOVE to retweet content. They just collect and share! Don’t forget about tweeters who are authentic and share a little bit of everything: news, events, their own stuff, stories, etc.  You name it, they share it! Which one of these personalities are you? After you find out then you have to think about these:

1.     Their follower count, is it high or low?

2.     Engagement score (how often do they interact with others?)

3.     The amount of tweets that you have already collected.  How many times have they tweeted?

4.     The number of lists they have on their account and who they are listed by.

5.     Balance the news, personal tweets, interactions, engagement and retweets. How is their overall account looking?

6.     Valuable content: What type of content are they sharing? Does it have any substance?

7.     How creative is their bio? Is it authentic or spam?

8.     How personable are they? Do they have a few creative tweets that reveal their personality?

9.     Are they asking people to share their tweets?

10. Relevant content: How interesting and relevant are they to your niche?

11. Noise: Are they just talking about their personal life or do they have interesting things to talk about?

Get More Retweets:

My golden rule is to search for “real time” conversations on Twitter and join in. This is the best way to meet more people and to build strong relationships. Only sparingly use scheduled tweets, but try to be in “real-time” as much as possible. When you tweet in real-time, people know that you are not spamming and you come off transcendent. That is the personality you want to expose.

1.     Make sure you have a balance between sharing relevant content and creating relevant content. I like to include a few personal tweets just to make it interesting. For example, I would check-in at the restaurant and post a picture of the unique fountain that was inside. Be creative and transcendent with your tweets.

2.     Rewarding and recognizing your audience: We know that every Friday is “Fan of the week” day so we pick our most engaging fan and create a picture of them with our brand on it to show them we appreciate their work. Entitlement is king, and people love being recognized for what they do. So why not give them what they want?

3.     Consistent: Think of being consistent like working out.  When you stop, the results stop. This is why being consistent on Twitter and always following up with your community is a vital part of your marketing campaign. National brands have a team of people who just respond to their fans. How convenient is that?

4.     The association factor: People want to socialize with the brand that relates most with them. Is your brand relatable? It should be the most relatable to the target audience you are going after.

5.     The style: I want to get more retweets so I would make sure all my tweets are up to 120 characters so then others can share them and add their own comments in as well.

6.     Don’t be vague: There are so many credible people out there with vague tweets. Make sure you are clear and relatable to your target audience?

7.     Take a stand: When you are searching for items to tweet about or to join a conversation, make sure you take a stand. Who cares if some people disagree with you. You will be retweetable to the people who don’t agree with you because they are passionate about their side and they will not take “No” for an answer.

8.     Excitement and energetic: When you tweet or share content, make sure it has a factor of enthusiasm. People usually like to share content that has some excitement in it, not just boring things like: “announcement- we are having a pool break down.” Can someone find me a pillow? As boring as that is I would fall right to sleep!

9.     All you have to do is ask: If you want something shared then simply ask them to “RT” or retweet it. The only criterion for that is to make it relevant and interesting.

10. Laughter: Incorporate funny articles or videos into your tweets. People love to share humorous things they find through the Web.

When it comes to dominating Twitter for your business, you must start by building a community who can’t get enough of your tweets. They just love retweeting, sharing and commenting. Have you built-up that reliable community yet or is it still in the works?

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