Google Plus: The Power Of Sharing Circles

Google Plus: The Power Of Sharing Circles

How many of you find it difficult to find people to add to your circle? The great thing about Google Plus is that many people have already compiled circles based on your niche and interest. Another option would be to type in “shared a circle with you” + keyword into the search bar and you can search for every type of shared circle. This is the best way to add people to your circle and connect with others in your industry. When you finally find the circle that interests you, then click on “Add to circles.” Now you have the option to create a new circle or just add it to one of the circles that already exists.

Think of sharing circles as a way to help your followers find new people to add to their circles. For example, if I compiled a circle of social media experts, I can also share this with my followers to help them find people who share the same passion for social media.

Resources for Businesses for Growing Their Network

Google Plus: The Power Of Sharing Circles

Your business or organization will find the below resources useful in order to find people on Google Plus. This is one of the simplest ways to grow your network with people in your niche and businesses.

Find People On Plus



Recommended Users

For those of you who are looking to find people or businesses that are popular on Google Plus within your niche, try this: Circle Count.

Organizing Circles

There are two ways to organize circles.

  • A person can organize a circle according to relationship or base it on an interest.
  • After you have organized your circles, then go back to the “home” page and look on the left side of the stream.
  • Note the button that says “What’s Hot.” This is where Google compiles interesting and appropriate information based on you interests.


Hashtags are another way to find information based on a certain keyword. For example, if I want to find out what the social media community is sharing, I’d type in: “#socialmedia” (the quotes don’t change).

When you create a hashtag that you like, then click on “Save this search” and it will be saved for you on the left side bar under your circles.


How To Win Followers

Expanding the Community

People work with people they trust. Start adding value by trying to help someone everyday on the network. This can be through technical work, giving someone online resources to use, or sometimes people just need a good listener. Increase your returns by giving without expecting any returns.

Be Present

Start sharing, commenting (value-adding comments) and adding worthy content to win the hearts of your customers. We usually share two or three times and comment three to five times a day. If you follow this formula you will start getting recognized in no time.

Pessimists Never Win

No one likes to listen to a downer. It is important to carry yourself in an uplifting, positive and helpful way. Otherwise, it is better to remain silent.

Give Trust to Get Trust

We live in a world where many people have been jaded more than once. It is important to give people the benefit of the doubt until they are proven wrong.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Have you ever heard someone say, “Those that have to curse don’t have a sense of class nor broad vocabulary?” The truth is, cursing sounds demeaning and it is one of the easiest ways to lose someone’s trust in you or your company. Cursing knows no social boundaries and while it may be okay to swear on a rare occasion to make an impact. However, if you have to curse every other word, watch out, you may just lose your audience.

Stay Ahead of the Game

We all know people trust experts who are reliable sources in the industry world. Do youhave what it takes to be  perceived as an expert in your field? When you have something to share, ensure that your topic is appropriate for your audience? Avoid topics where you have no expertise or experience.

Rule of Abundance

Face it! There are two types of people in the world. There are those that believe success is a game of greed, whoever has the most wins. Then, there are those who believe the more the merrier because success comes in abundance.

No Shortcuts

Never use “easy” ways to achieve success. For example, spamming can give your company instant gratification but in the long run it will ruin your brand. Shortcuts have led many people to fail when it comes to their social media campaign.

There you have it folks – a few rules of the road to win as many followers as you like.

Remember: There are no shortcuts.

Comment below if you have other cool tactics to add!

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