Why Are My Facebook Ads Failing

Why Are My Facebook Ads Failing

We have been using Facebook Ads for many of our clients and we all want to know the secret of getting more traffic to our ads and getting real results. How are companies able to keep up with the latest ads and what works for their product and services? Here is a list of things you might want to watch out for next time you create an ad:

1. There are no specifics or formula for what works for your ad and what doesn’t. It is important that you use the Facebook Power Editor to test many different versions of the ad to see which one is working best for you.

2. It is all about the pictures! Make sure you keep it real with your images. The more professional looking images don’t get better click-through-rates.

3. The landing page is everything! Make sure your headline is catchy and your description includes a call-to-action. Once we tested ads that didn’t have a call-to-action to the landing page and they failed miserably.

4. Create an excel spreadsheet of who your biggest readers/consumers are and what their interests are.
Facebook Ads Failing
5. Upload your email list to the power editor and make sure you set the budget to CPC so you are not paying for extra clicks. This is great way to save money on ads and use retargeting at the same time.

6. Story Telling is a must! When it comes to your ads, make sure you tell stories in the small description and continue the anticipation until they get to the landing page. If there is no anticipation they may lose attention and never go to your landing page.

7. Give the customer a sense of security. One time as a test we just created a bunch of ads and we said that if they found our ad a complete waste of time them we will give them $5 back for wasting their time. The response rate increased and the return rate on the guarantee was at an extreme low. We only gave away $35 from our ads not working.

8. Over promising doesn’t get you anywhere. Do not over-promise anything you can not deliver in your ads. This will be an epic fail! Make sure if you over promise then you also back it up by over delivering with your ads.

9. Testimonials will increase your CTR. Once we just added a video testimonial in our ad and our CTR increased. Then we added 5 more video testimonials on our landing page and our product ROI increased by over 80%. Sometimes it is the simple things that will make a difference in your business.

10. Make sure you use these user testing tools to check what is working with your ad and what is not working. User Testing ads will let you know if you are keeping your ad within the boundaries of your consumer. In other words you are not giving away too much information to the point where you consumers don’t like your business any more: SurveyMonkey, UserTesting, and Qualaroo.

Did we forget any? Comment below with your biggest social media advertising failures.

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